FI CH Aitiorannan Bruni Brynjar FI21144/12 "Brynjar"
B-hips, 0-elbows

6/20137/201211 weeks6 weeks4 weeks

Some shows:

Pori 27.7.2013, June Wall, Irlanti, EXCELLENT

Kotka 16.6.2013, Laurent Pichard, Switzerland, BOB
16 months old. Very lively. Good size. Shown in good conditition. Proper head proportions. Clean neck and shoulder. Correct eyes form. Could be a little stronger in front.
Tampere clubshow 2013, Wilma Roem, Holland, EXCELLENT
16 months. Well developed male, very good type. Masculin head of good shape that has to develope. Nice eyes. Good ear carriage. Well developed ribcage. Single dewclaws. Moves well.
Helsinki 11.5.2013, Piotr Krol, Poland, EXCELLENT
Elegante Rüde, schöner kopf, scherengebiss, schöne augen, vorzüglicher köper, erstklassige bewegung.