Aitiorannan Heillandi Hattifatti FI56110/10 "Hatti"
D-hips, 0-knees, eyes ok

8 years1-year-old9/20113/20111/20115 weeks3 weeks

Some shows:

Jyväskylä 16.11.2013, Matejcic Jasna, Croatia, GOOD
Small size. Good proportion for the head. Correct bite. Open angulations. Loose in elbows. Narrow chest. Topline should be better. Movement without reach and drive.
Seinäjoki 20.10.2013, Anne Indergaard, Norway, EXCELLENT
3-years. Small bitch. Pretty head, dark eyes. Well angulated both ends. Topline should be firmer. Well set and carried tail. Moves well from the side. Full set of spurs. Good quality long coat.
Jyväskylä 11.11.2012, Kim Viksö Nielsen, Denmark, VERY GOOD
2-years. Nice head proportions. Eyes should be more oval shaped. Correct bite, ears. Well rounded skull that should be slightly longer. Very good neck. A bit soft in topline. Excellent tail. Could do better with less weight. Well angulated. Coat just about to be too full. Nice temperament.
Kokkola 3.7.2011, Stelios Makaritis, Greece, JUN EXCELLENT CC
Nice type. Excellent head with lovely proportions and expression. Well angulated both ends. Nice ribs, quite nice loin. Very good topline. A bit out of coat. Very nice bones. Very sound mover.