FI CH Aitiorannan Imir Isbjörn Jolsson FI56986/09 "Imir"
E-hips, 0-elbows, 0-knees, eyes ok, heart ok
RIP 12.7.2016


Some shows:

Lahti 19.5.2013, Fernando Quilis Bonet, Spain, BOB
Jyväskylä 11.11.2012, Kim Viksö Nielsen, Denmark, Excellent
3 years. Appearing rather heavy. Very good head, correct mouth. A little loose in topline, very good body. Straight angulations in front, well angulated in rear. Correct dewclaws. Very nice short coat. Excellent temperament.
Pori 20.5.2012, Theo Leenen, Belgium, Excellent
2.5 years old. Good size & krop. Maskuline head. Eyes dark enough. Complete scissor bite. Well set ears. Good neck and shoulder. Little weak in the back. Correct tail. Well angulated. Good bone and feet. Nice coat. Double dewclaws in the back. Moving well.
Tampere 13.5.2012, Tomas Rohlin, Denmark, Excellent
2,5 years. Good head, mustn´t get any heavier. Good muzzle. Enough dark eye. Good ear carriage. A bit low on legs otherwise good proportions. Very good bone, excellent ribcage. Enough angulation in front, good behind. Turns out front feet. Very good coat texture. Well set tailset that could be carried tighter. Correct dewclaws. Moves well front the side & behind, needs to be firmer in front. Excellent temperament.
Helsinki 3.12.2011, Lilian Christensen, Denmark, Very Good
Masculine male, good size. Long in body. Straight angulate shape head. Little too domed scull. Light eyes. Nice topline. Very nice forechest. Well set tail, which should be more curved. Good angulations in front and rear. Correct dewclaws. Stands french. Moves ground covering and parallel, only a little loose in front. Nice double coat. Nice temperament.
Heinola 21.8.2011, Jens Utke Ramsing, Denmark, Excellent
Big, heavy male with a good head. Correct bite. Well formed brown eyes. Good neck. A little soft in the topline. Well carried tail. Great coat. A little narrow by the shoulder. Moderate angulated by the rears. In the movement misses a little drive. Good temperament.
Valkeakoski 13.8.2011, Marija Kavcic, Slovenia, BOS
Almost 2 years old. Good size. Correct masculin head. Strong dentition. Correct ears. Longer body, straight legs. Good dewclaws. Sound movement. Good coat.
Pori 31.7.2011, Nemanja Jovanovic, Serbia, CC+CACIB
Good type an proportions. Correct head. Very good neck and chest. Needs better front legs. Enough good topline. Excellent tail. Very good hind angulation. Good coat and movement.
Mynämäki 16.5.2010, Zsolt Lokodi Romania, BOB-puppy
Excellent topline. Correct bite. Excellent head. Good hair quality. Correct set and carried tail. Turning front feet out.