FI CH Aitiorannan Ögn Örlagagydja FI22095/13 "Öglö"
B-hips, 0-elbows, 0-knees, healthy eyes

8/2018Fall 20155/20149/20133 months

Some shows:

Kempele 9.6.2018, Agnete Staunsholt Nilsson, Denmark, G
5 years. Very good type. Biggest size. A little too square on body proportions. Correct bite. Nice pigmentation. Eyes are dark enought but placed too wide. Nice muzzle. Good skull. Ears also placed a bit wide. Neck a little heavy. Good topline. Short loin and it should be broader. Nice forechest and ribcage. Straight legs. Nice feet. Muscular thighs. Double denclaws. Typical parallel movement. Covering the ground well. Nice colours. Very good coat, short hair. Friendly temperament.
Ylivieska 9.7.2017, Rita Reyniers, Belgium, VG
4,5 years. Size is ok as well as proportions in head, but body is bit long due to loins. Correct bite, small teeth. Good forechest, brisket is deep. Coat is ok. Well set on ears and tail. Good feet. Bitch is bit reserved to be touched. Slightly close in hocks and bit weak in pasterns.
Kronoby 23.5.2015, Ambjörn Lindquist, Sweden, BOS
Stor tik. Utmärkt proportioner. Välskuret huvud. Välformade ögon. Välansatta svans. Bra hals och rygglinje. Korrekt svans. Väl uttfyld kropp. Utmärkt vinklar. Dubbla sporrar bak. Rör sig väl för alle hall. Utmärk päls. Utmärkt temperament.