Aitiorannan Prima Perla FIN50439/06 "Bella"
Hips B/B, elbows 0/0, knees 0/0, heart ok (221107), eyes ok (11/10)

Deceased 3/2021

5/2010Christmas 20093/086 months old7 weeks4,5 weeks

Some shows:

Kajaani 5.1.2008, Kornelia Butrimova, Lithuania: Excellent (CACIB)
Feminine. Good head. Correct eyes and ears. Nice neck. Good angulations in quarters. A bit low set in tail. Good coat.

Oulu 6.10.2007, Tinop Pehar, Croatia: JUN Very Good
1 year old. Very good size. Very nice feminine head. Typical ears. Enough strong back for her age. Very good angulation. Still loose in movement. Hocks are too close. Too narrow in front. Very nice temperament.

Oulu 12.5.2007, Vija Klucniece, Latvia: Puppy 2
Good size in development. Good pigment. Nice eyes. Legs with typical dewclaws.  Enough good tailset. Good topline. Longcoated. Too much white in colour. Excellent temperament. Enough good movement. Promising.