FI CH Aitiorannan Rysjottur Raudhetta FI20555/16
A-hips, 0-knees, eyes ok

5/20179/20169/20164 months10 weeks6 weeks

Some shows:

Ylivieska 21.7.2018, Asta Maria Gudbergsdottir, Iceland, VG
Good size and shape. Feminine bitch. Would prefer stronger muzzle. Correct bite. Nice eyes. Well placed ears. Good neck and topline. Tailset could be higher. Well laid back shoulder, a bit straight upper arm. Her front could be more under her. Correct coet texture. Moves well from the side, a bit close behind. Good temperament.

Kempele 9.6.2018, Agnete Staunsholt Nilsson, Denmark, VG
2 years. Very good type. Good size. Feminine. Correct bite. Good pigmentation. Beautifull dark eyes. Correct ears. Nice skull and stop. I'd like the muzzle more filled. Nice neck & topline. Ribcage should be deeper. Short loin. Correct croup. Straight legs. Nice feet. Douple dewclaws only on one. Correct tail carriage. Parallel movement. Good in front. Nice colous but a little short coated. Friendly temperament but could benefit from showtraining.