Aitiorannan Kossi Kongur FIN58612/08 "Kössi"
AB-hips, 0-elbows, 0-knees, heart ok (4/10), eyes ok (4/10)

8/20117/20101-year-old6/2009Under 4 months7 weeks5 weeks3 weeks

Some shows:

LIMINKA 15.7.2011, Heidi Kirschbichler, Austria, Very Good
Middle sized. Correct bite. Dark eyes. Correct ears. Good front. Enough breast. Enough drive in movement. Tailset a bit low. Enough coat. Could have more substance.
YLIVIESKA 18.7.2010, Manuel Loureiro Borges, Portugal, Excellent
Nice head and expression. Good neck and topline. Nice coat with good texture.  Front should be straighter. Enough bone. Good ribcage. Well angulated. Nice temperament.
IISALMI 2.8.2009, Petru Muntean, Romania, BOB-puppy
8 months old. Good type. Excellent head. Correct bite. Compact body. Rich in substance. Correct angulations. Good coat and pigmentation. Good movement.