FI CH Aitiorannan Thoka Thyrniros FI27561/15 "Rose"
A/A-hips, 0/0-knees, eyes ok

2-years5/20161-year-old (3/16)7/2015Bjalla & Thoka 6/20156 weeks

Some shows:

Ylivieska 21.7.2018, Asta Maria Gudbergsdottir, Iceland, EXC
Good size and proportions. Feminine head of correct shape. Correct bite. Nice shape eyes. Would prefer a bit darker but ok for this colour. Excellent ears and ear carriage. Excellent neck, topline and tailset. Well laid back shoulder, a bit straight upper arm. Acceptable angulation behind. Would prefer stroger bone. Nice temperament.

Kempele 9.6.2018, Agnete Staunsholt Nilsson, Denmark, G
3 years. Excellent type. Feminiininen with good body proportions. Correct head shape but eyes are way too light. Correct bite. Pigmentation is ok. Very good ears, skull and foreface. Neck a little heavy. Good topline. Short loin. Correct croup and tailset. Nice angulation front and rear. She could benefit from more angulations on pasterns. Muscular tights. Double dewclaws. Very nice parallel movement. Taking the strike out well. Nice coat and colour. Friendly temperament. Very well presented.

Kiiminki 6.8.2016, Jelena Kruus, Estonia, EXC+RES-CAC
Lovely bitch. Excellent type. Good body propotion. Enough bones. Lovely feminine head with very nice expressions. Good neck and topline. A little bit straight in front. Good turn in ribs. Enough rear. Moves with nice temperament.

Helsinki 30.7.2016, Soley Halla Möller, Iceland, VG
Feminine bitch of 1-year -old of smaller size. Feminine head with friendly expression. Correct ears. Eyes could be darker. Strong muzzle. Scissors bite. Excellent layback of shoulder. Chest could be deeper. Straight angulation in front, normal in rear. Bones could be stronger. Double dewclaws both hindlegs. Correct tail and carriage. Excellent coat and texture. Excellent temperament. Moves close behind. Sound from sides. A little loose in front.