FI CH Aitiorannan Töfrandi Tröllasura FI27563/15 "Rani"
B/B-hips, 0/0-knees, eyes ok

5/20161-year-old (3/16)11/201511/20157/201512 weeks6 weeks

Some shows:

Kempele 9.6.2018, Agnete Staunsholt Nilsson, Denmark, EXC
3 years. Excellent type. Very good body proportions. Typical head shape. Feminine. Correct bite. Good pigmentation for dog of this colour but I prefer eyes a bit darker. Excellent ears, skullstop and foreface. Nice neck and topline. Good ribcage, deep. Very nice bone. Good feet. Loin could be broader. Corret croup and tailset. Nicely angulated front and rear. Parallel movement. Very good scene from the side and front. A little close in rear. Very nice coat and colour. Fantastisk temperament. Very well presented.
Ylivieska 9.7.2017, Rita Reyniers, Belgium, CAC, CACIB, BOS
2-years. Slightly low leged but well proportioned in head and body. Correct bite. Correct double dewclaws. Nose colour is fiting the coat colour. Nice topline. Correct ear and tailset. Deep brisket, nice forechest. Typically angulated. Good coat and feet. Moves well but bit wide in front.
Helsinki 30.7.2016, Soley Halla Möller, Iceland, EXC

1 year and 4 months. Feminine bitch. Excellent type, size and proportions. Feminine head with friendly expression. Correct ears. Eyes could be darker. Strong muzzle. Scissors bite. Excellent layback of shoulder. Normal bone and angulations front and rear. Excellent coat and texture. Tailset could be higher, but carriage normal. Excellent temperament. Double dewclaws hindlegs. Moves close behind, loose in front, sound from the side.