FI CH Aitiorannan Trölli Tröllahesli FI27560/15 "Rölli"
B/B-hips, 0/0-knees, eyes ok

1-year-old (3/16)7/201512 weeks6 weeks

Some shows:

Ylivieska 21.7.2018, Asta Maria Gudbergsdottir, Iceland, CACIB BM2
Good size but would like slightly longer legs. Masculine dog. Acceptable head, good bite. Good ears, size and placement. Excellent neck, topline and tailset. Well angulated front and rear. Moves well all sides. Good coat quality. Good temperament.
Kempele 9.6.2018 Agnete Staunsholt Nilsson, Denmark, EXC
3 years. Excellent type. Good size. Very good body proportions. Masculin. Nice head and expression. Correct bite. Good skull. Nice stop. Correct ear placement and carriage. I would prefer his eyes a little darker but shape and placement are correct. Pigmentation is ok. I would prefer his muzzle a bit longer. A little short neck. Good forechest and ribcage. Good loins. Muccular tights. Correct croup and tail. Bone fits his size. Nice feet. Double dewclaws. Typical parallel movement covering the ground well. Nice coat and colour. Fantastisk temperament.
Jyväskylä 15.10.2017, Wilma Roem, Nederland, CACIB+BOS
2,5-year-old male. Strongly build triangular body. Triangular masculine head with nice muzzle. Brown eyes. Well carried ears. Scissorsbite Brown nose. Well developed bristcage. Double dewclaws. Moderate angulation. Nice tail carriage. Moves very well.
Ylivieska 9.7.2017, Rita Reyniers, Belgium, CAC BM2
2-years. Correct bite. Correct double dewclaws. Nice in character. Nose colour fitting the coat colour. Correct set on ears and tail carried very well. Nice depth of chest. Medium angulated. Good coat texture. Good feet. Moves sound but slightly close in hocks.
Helsinki 30.7.2016, Soley Halla Möller, Iceland, VG

14 months. Masculine. Correct proportions. Masculine head with friendly expression. Eyes could be more almond and darker brown. Correct ears. Scissors bite. Strong muzzle. Normal bone and oval feet. Could have better laid shoulder and chest could be deeper. Double dewclaws on hindlegs. Normal angulation in front and rear. Excellent coat. A little shy in the ring today so doesn't show his tail. In summer coat today.