My Kennel History


In December 1995 I decided to get a dog. I didn’t care what breed it was (or was it mix-breed) as long as it was gentle. My father made the decision of the breed as he was afraid of dogs. He chose Swedish Huntingdog (jämthund) because he had met lovely bitch that didn’t eat him.

In spring 1996 I read newspaper and noticed an advertisement of a Jämthund litter. I was able to choose from three male pups but at that time I didn’t know anything about dogs so I just took the one that wasn’t too much afraid of me. The pups were identical so it didn’t matter to me which one I got. My intention was just to get a lovely pet.

Dacke (or Taake) really was destroying pup. He chewed everything where he was able to reach. After he changed his teeth he stopped chewing and after that he has been a very typical jämthund: he sleeps 99% of his day!

In January 97 Dacke’s breeder called. We promised to take Dacke to a dogshow. I really wasn’t planning to do that but as I promised to take him so I took him to two shows immediately. If I hadn’t send his papers to two shows I wouldn't have continued his career after the first show. Second show went so well that I found myself from several dogshows after that. Dacke (61cm) is now FIN CH. Dacke is also healthy as he has A-hips and eyes are ok. Dacke started hunting in autumn 1999 after I noticed that I couldn’t keep him away from that activity.

In summer 1997 I read through all dogsbreedbooks that I could find. I wanted to have little sister to Dacke. I selected two breeds: buhund & icelandicsheepdog. I cant tell what it was but icelandicsheepdog became more interesting.

In dark autumn evening my neighbour came to inform me that she heard about breeder who just had litter born. Naturally I had to call her (Tunturiketun kennel, Riitta Lumiluoto). After the phone call I had booked a male pup... Only female was already taken!

In very early morning in the late November we drove to get little red male, Hallmar (or Hallu). That was the first time when I saw this breed live! I fell in love with them immediately.

Dacke liked the newcomer as much as he could. Hallmar kept eating Dacke’s collar so Dacke liked watching Hallmar’s activities from above (he jumped into the beds & sofas where Hallmar couldn’t get).

I wished that I could have had easy show career with Hallmar. I was really disappointed when I noticed that his tail wasn’t correct. But I went to show him despite of that. From his first show he got 0 because he was too big (49cm). Judge didn’t care about the tail as a big fault so I continued. Hallmar quite easily got FIN CH –title. Hallmar has D-hips, 0-knees, 0-elbows and eyes are ok.

But how could I be satisfied to males as I really wanted a female. In January 99 I wrote to Iceland. My only request was that the pup is not black – I didn’t like that colour. At first I heard that there would have been 2,5-year-old female, Klara, that I could get. But then she was x-rayed and result was very bad: E. Luckily Klara’s breeder/owner knew about litter where was one female (Gerplu-Assa) available. There was only one fault... All the pups were black! But I booked that female.

May 99 I flew to Iceland to get my little girl. I was very lucky as I managed to be in Iceland at the same time as their clubshow. Winner of that show was Yrar-Akkur who is my Assa’s father. Assa really was adorable pup. It wasn’t love at first sight (because of the colour) but from the second! Assa was very energetic pup who wasn’t afraid of anything.

Assa wasn’t perfect showdog but good enough to get FIN CH –title. Assa (40,5cm) has B-hips, 0-knees and eyes are ok.

Naturally I had to get companion to Assa as she was only female. I started to look for another bitch from Sweden. Unfortunately there wasn’t litters that would have been good enough. Then I wrote to Germany and Holland. In Germany was nice bitch mated and I decided to wait and see if that litter succeeds well. In early July 2000 1 male and 4 females were born so I got little Eva.

Unfortunately Eva didn’t grow as I had hoped and she was very big disappointment to me. Her ears didn’t get up. So I couldn’t take her to many shows. Eva has very sweet character so I couldn’t show my disappointment to her very long. Eva (45cm) has C-hips, 0-elbows, 0-knees and eyes are ok.

I had emailed with my Assa’s father’s owner for a long time. I even promised to buy one male from their first litter. Lubbi was born in early December 2000. Lubbi is very much like icelanddog should be. He is really cute male and he seems to be a little boy forever! Lubbi is quite small but otherwise ok. He got FIN CH –title very easily in Jamuary 2003. Lubbi (44cm) has C-hips, 0-knees, 0-elbows and eyes are ok.

While I was trying to find all these dogs I naturally found new friend from all over the world. In spring 2001 I got email from Holland where was told that there is 3,5-year-old male looking for a new home. He had had one litter in Holland. Word "NO" seems to missing from my vocabulary... Ymir flew to Finland within a week. He was told to be 46cm but he is only 42cm (maybe he shrunk on the plane?). Ymir has single dewclaws, B1-hips, 1-knees and eyes are ok.

I was planning my first litter to Assa with a Swedish male. But Assa started her heat in December so her best days were just between Christmas and new year. I didn’t like travelling that time (it would have been impossible too) so Ymir was allowed to mate Assa. Assa really likes Ymir’s charm so that mating was even too easy.

My kennel’s first pups were born 1st March 2002. There were 2 males (red & black) and 3 females (fawn & 2 black). I would have liked to keep black short coated female but neither of the girls got tan-marks so I had to sell them both. "Miniature Eva" will probably continue from that litter.
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My friend had been teasing me from autumn 2001 that she would like to get a female. I couldn't sell her any pups at that time so I asked around if there would be anything available. Last day of 2001 was litter born where Ada (46cm) was. She flew to Finland week after Assa had her pups. Ada has A-hips, 0-elbows, 0-knees and eyes are ok.

In year 2002 I also got lovely little brother (Pontus) to my adorable Lubbi. Nobody knows how many more of these brothers I eventually will get if they charm me this much! Pontus's eyes are ok.

Assa had her second litter in June 2003. At the same time Eva had her first and last. Assa got 3 males + 1 female - all black. Eva got 2 males + 3 females - all differend shades of red.

Character tested dogs:

Hallmar Ymir
Working order -1 (small) +1 (modest)
Sharpness +1 (small) +1 (small)
Defence wish -1 (unwilling) -1 (unwilling)
Desire to fight -1 (small) -1 (small)
Nerve structure +1 (slightly restless) +1 (slightly restless)
Temperament +2 (modestly lively) +2 (modestly lively)
Hardness +1 (slightly soft) +3 (modestly tough)
Approachable +3 (goodwilling) +3 (goodwilling)
Shooting +inexperienced +confident
Total +93 +139