G-litter born 27.9.2010

Male: Glirnir Grallari
Females: Gallalaus Göndul, Glanna Galdrakona, Glodis Grimhildur & Grima Gullklumpur

Kveikja Litfri-Blidur Smahildur
Kveikja Litfri-Blidur "Max"
A-hips, 0-elbows & eyes ok
Icetops Baldur
A-hips, 0-elnows, eyes ok
Icetops Keipur A, eyes ok
Skreppeng's Sara B
Menjarinn Katla
A-hips, 0-elbows, eyes ok
Mon Gårds Snadi A, eyes ok
SE Ch Menjarinn Genta
Smahildur "Hiltu"
A-hips, 0-elbows, 0-knees, heart ok, eyes ok
FI&EE Ch Tunturiketun Vaskur
B-hips, 0-elbows, 0-knees, heart ok, eyes ok
Vikingur As fra Olafsvöllum A2, eyes ok
FI Ch Tunturiketun Toa-Freyja A, 0-knees, eyes ok
Brytarspetzens Björk Ingisdottir
eyes ok
Pretty-Prud's Ingi A, eyes ok
SE Ch Lidob's Milla H, 0-elbows, eyes ok

Hiltu has been excellent mother so decision to have second litter was easy. Escitement was this time that male lives in Sweden and has never before been used for breeding.


Young couple met and after less then a minute they were stuck. Max sure knew what to do even though this was his first time!! Afterwards they had wild foreplay

Foreplay afterwards


Secod visit to Max's summerplace and it was even faster than first time. Afterwards Hiltu has been smiling happily :)

Hiltu on board